Contract Type: 
Saturday, October 20, 2018 - 14:00
Mission Start Time: 

Government of Lingor


For the last month or so, the ARL (Armadas Revolucionarias de Lingor) have been launching rocket attacks against the capital city of Maruko. The Government of Lingor believes the attacks are originating from the small town of Victorin.

Given the current political/military situation between the Government of Lingor and the ARL, using domestic military assets could tip the country into civil war. Not wanting to risk that, The Government of Lingor has once again contracted Theseus Inc. for their services.

Theseus will be conducting a sweep and clear of the town of Victorin. All civilians and buildings are to be searched for contraband. If any contraband is found, the civilian is to be detained and turned over to the Policía Federal de Lingor.

Theseus is also to search for the rocket platform being used in the attacks and if located, it is to be destroyed.



Victorin Topographic
Victorin Topographic

Theseus will proceed from their FOB to the town of Victorin where they will sweep and clear the town. Policía Federal de Lingor will have small blockades for all routes into the town of Victorin. They will also have 2 transport vehicles for any civilians found to have contraband on them.


  • Weapons
  • Explosives
  • Ammunition
  • Military Radios
  • Military Clothing
  • Military Equipment

The town of Victorin is just inside territory claimed by the ARL so a response from that group is possible, especially if the intelligence is correct and the rocket platform is in the town. ARL QRF could stage from the towns of Prospero (West), Monga (East), and Marcella (South)


Fire ONLY if fired upon by Civilian or ARL.


The Policía Federal de Lingor are loaning Theseus:
Four (4) Policía Federal Offroad Trucks


Per the Government of Lingor:
Clothing: Civilian or Business Casual and/or Logo’d clothing ONLY. NO Military fatigues/uniforms/BDUs
Kit: No camouflage patterned Plate Carriers, Helmets, Backpacks. Solid colors only.
The Government of Lingor does not want the civilian population to think that the Government Army of Lingor is involved.


Current local time is 1000 Hours. Sunny and clear skies with no chance of precipitation.

Theseus Inc.
Policía Federal de Lingor
Government Army of Lingor

Rebel/Armed Civilians
ARL (Armadas Revolucionarias de Lingor)


Theseus has been tasked with the following objectives:

Primary Objective:
Sweep and clear the town of Victorin of contraband. Detain civilians as necessary.

Secondary Objective:
Locate and destroy rocket platform.

After action report: 

Theseus Inc. was again contracted by the Lingor Government to sweep the town of Victorin for civilians in possession of contraband items. Theseus contractors were also to search for a suspected rocket platform being used by rebels for attacks on the capital city.

One Theseus element came under immediate fire upon arriving in the north end of the town while the second element was clearing the south end of the town. Sporadic engagements continued throughout the sweep until the rebels mounted a coordinated attack on the town once it was clear the weapons platform had been located.

Theseus elements were able to complete their contract of recovering contraband, detaining suspected civilians and destroying the weapons platform all while engaging reinforcing rebel elements.

Theseus Inc. reports that three (3) contractors were killed in the engagement with rebel forces.