Joint Operations - The Silken Shah

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Saturday, July 29, 2017 - 19:00
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Joint Operations Mission with Vulpine Vanguard.



Born in Sri Lanka, the Silken Shah (real name unknown) had been exposed to crime at a very young age due to his father's connections to drug trafficking in the Moratuwa region. The Shah abandoned school early and lived lavish and soon took up the trade of his father, establishing routes south into the rest of the country via the rail system and bribing of city officials. It wasn't long before the he rose to replace his father as the head of the drug empire he helped create and earned his current nickname via the smoothness he made it to the top. With routes through India, Burma and Thailand, the Shah has become the focus of many international organizations looking to bring him down. Until recently, the Shah has managed to elude authorities in much of South East Asia as well as further establishing his organization as one of the premiere distributors of narcotics globally. Through much sacrifice and years of investigative undercover work, The Silken Shah has been tracked in a remote chain of islands known as Tanoa. The Shah has enlisted the support of some of Tanoa's most dangerous criminals and guerilla groups.

Aside from the Shah, we are also on the lookout for two other high value targets. The Pilot known as "Sammy" as well as the leader and enforcer of the Shah's ground forces on Tanoa: Commander Snowe

Silken Shah: Overview Image The main target and mastermind behind the drug cartel.

Pilot Sammy: Overview Image The Silken Shah's personal pilot and confidant, wanted ALIVE due to the potential information on the Shah's criminal activities.

Commander Snowe: Overview Image Former CPL. in the Tanoan Army and was discharged due to insubordination, he now leads a ragtag group of criminals he calls the Syndikat and has designated himself Commander. With a list of war crimes that reads out like an encyclopedia, he is wanted DEAD or ALIVE.

Latest intel on the area and it's buildings is quite outdated, this is the most recent image we have available. Overview Image overhead view of main compound area

The Tanoans have never welcomed foreign intervention, and are intolerant of many western views. Much of the Tanoan media is tightly controlled and manipulated by the government. Tanoan people mostly consist of farmers, laborers and it's extensive fishing industry and support network. The population of Tanoa is just over 1000, and the main religion is a mix of tribal/pagan beliefs and Catholicism. Many Tanoans are illiterate, as there are no schools built on any of the islands, with many not being able to afford (or want) to travel abroad for educational needs.

Overview Image coastal beach house

The Silken Shah has managed to obtain a parcel of land on the eastern coast of one of the islands and has been using it to build a private drug farm and distribution operation. The Tanoan government has refused to intervene or extradite him due to his "positive impact on the economy". Western intelligence agencies as well as their allied counterparts in the South Asia region have elected to employ NGO military contractors in a raid into the compound, securing The Silken Shah alive if possible, and removing him for extraction into a ship waiting offshore outside the Tanoan border in international waters. Many groups applied for the selection process, after a grueling bargaining phase, ultimately two contracts ended up being signed by THESEUS and VULPINE VANGUARD. This joint operation will require planning, precision and the absolute best out of both groups to ensure this plan is to happen successfully.

More info to follow.

Primary Objective 01

Recon the area of operations to locate where the Silken Shah and the HVTs are located.

Primary Objective 02

Intercept and Extract the HVTs

Secondary Objective 01

Destroy or mark for NATO pick up; enemy ammo caches, supplies and equipment.

Secondary Objective 02

Rescue any prisoners, slaves or other captives held under against their will at the compound or any of the farms.

Additional Information

Intel last reported that the approach from the water would be near impossible due to mounted MG positions and boat patrols.

The Silken Shah's Forces may use civilians as human shields, watch your fire!



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