A custom designed in-game persistence system for advanced logistics, personnel payments, and constant in game tracking.
Theseus utilizes military tactics and procedures optimized for PMC standards. Covering the basics as well as more advanced roles and leadership skills.
Missions in Theseus are conducted under the form of contracts. Covering a wide range of objective types and locations, no two contracts are the same.
Theseus does not enforce standardized gear. You will be responsible for your own apparel, weapons and ammunition.


As some of you might of noticed five days ago, Theseus celebrated it's first anniversary.

It has been a long year with a relatively bad start for the group, but I feel that that is far behind us and that we've fully recovered.
On top of that, we've managed to build a stable foundation for our features, play-style and goals.

We will continue to build and enhance the experience with more features until perfection!

I would personally like to thank my fellow Directors for the incredible amount of time, work and dedication they've put into this group.
Also, thank you to the members of the group; for the continuous attendance in sessions, providing feedback, being enthusiastic and sticking around in slower times.

Thank you all for helping to realize Theseus as it is today.

Kind regards,

Rory Guldentops
Theseus Inc.

After nearly 2 months of intense mission-making with Eden, scripting and creating custom images, Theseus is glad to announce the initial release of Olympus.

Theseus Incorporated signed a contract with a new weapons supplied - Nation-Independent Arsenal. They will supply us with top quality weapons from now on.

This marks a Modpack update, which has been updated to version 2.1.0.

A minor Modpack update has been released, version 2.0.1.